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For more than a decade, Connector Systems has been dedicated to serving the need for high quality electrical connectors in an emerging underwater equipment industry. Our connector engineers, backed by seventy years of cable manufacturing experience, have engineered connectors and cable assemblies for the most demanding underwater applications. From deep sea research to undersea mining, Connector Systems has met the needs of the industry with both a standard line of products and a host of custom engineered systems.

Today our manufacturing facilities are among the most modern in the connector industry. Connector Systems engineers connectors and hull penetrators for any marine application. We build connector parts in our own machine shops. We develop proprietary molding compounds in our own laboratories, and we custom-mold cable assemblies to any specification.

In this catalog, Connector Systems presents the SEAMAX line of underwater connectors. There are more than 200 standard connectors. All are built to withstand the corrosive effects of sea and estuarine waters. Many are designed to withstand working pressures of thousands of feet of depth, reliably, time after time. SEAMAX connectors meet the needs for power, communications, and control functions in undersea research systems, submersible vehicles, naval weapons systems and most other subsea applications. When there are unique requirements, our engineers are prepared to study your application and to develop connectors and cable assemblies to meet your special needs.

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