Design Features
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Underwater Systems has Capabilities for Special Undersea Designs

Whenever there are unique requirements which cannot be addressed by the off-the shelf components shown on these pages, our connector design engineers are ready to meet your unique requirements. Whether your needs call for a special connector or a complex underwater assembly, our engineers have the experience to design the system you need. Underwater Systems capabilities include the following:

Full responsibility for cable and connectors from one company

Designing connectors with unusual geometric specification to accommodate special equipment

Designing connectors with special materials for low magnetic permeability corrosion resistance, reduced weight, or high mechanical strength.

Designing armored terminations for load bearing cable assemblies.

Designing connectors with robotic disconnect capabilities.


Underwater Systems manufactures both standard and customized assemblies for electrical penetration of pressure vessels. Standard assemblies are suitable for depths of 3,000 feet. Penetration assemblies to withstand higher pressures and high temperatures may also be ordered.


This assembly is used as part of the control system on an offshore drilling platform. The rightangle connector is terminated to steel-armored, water-blocked cable.

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