USI is an innovative multi-discipline underwater engineering firm specializing in the design and manufacturing of various products ranging from environment proof electrical and optical connectors to hydroacoustic sensors and underwater vehicles

Waterproofing Kits  


USI-SPG has developed waterproofing kits for various electrical and electronic products such as the Armed Forces AN/PRC-117B tactical radio and Motorola's Saber radio units.

Twenty First Century Soldier  


The concept of the new millennium's soldier has been around for quite some time now. USI-SPG is currently involved in the development of new state of the art special forces outfits for exposure to extreme environments and NBC environments. The USI-SPG design incorporates a hybrid outfit that can be sealed from the environment while maintaining life support and full communications both with fellow soldiers and headquarters. The USI-SPG's 21st Century Soldier project also expands to new means of combat field communication and information gathering.


USI-SPG is currently involved in the development of a hybrid submersible / surface vessel capable of operating both at high speeds while surfaced and stealthy low speed operation while submerged. This vessel was conceptualized for covert naval operation. It's dual capability will allow for rapid deployment of special forces troops to an operational area and the ability for covert insertion into hostile waters at low speeds and low delectability.  Next Page
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