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Self Noise Monitoring System

USI-SNMS utilizes USI's USHTI-92 WC2 type hydrophone / preamplifier assembly consisting of ceramic active acoustic sensing elements, providing a combined sensitivity of -175 dB re: 1mPa (with preamplifier and 400 Ohm termination resistor) and a response frequency between 10 Hz and 20 KHz. These hydrophones are integrated to the submarine via cable assemblies, hull penetrators and junction boxes. The junction boxes are machined from a single block of 316 SST ensuring it's structural integrity to stay in tact at full ocean depth while all other components subject to pressure is designed and manufactured to a pressure rating of 10,000 psi. Rugged underwater muteable connectors allow the system to be serviced and maintained without necessitating the submarine to be dry docked, saving valuable time and money.



The USI-SNMS provides a reliable, versatile and cost effective means by which submarines can monitor the noise levels generated by their hulls. This robust system consists of three main components; a pentium based two channel processing and display station allowing for easy interpretation of acoustic signals, an array of hydrophones placed strategically along the hull of the submarine to ensure full capture of acoustic signature and the accompanying junction boxes, cable assemblies and hull penetrators to integrate all the sensors and displays.Next Page

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