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USI is an innovative multi-discipline underwater engineering firm specializing in the design and manufacturing of various products ranging from environment proof electrical and optical connectors to hydroacoustic sensors and underwater vehicles

USI operates under two main groups,the Connector Systems Group (USI-CSG) and the Special Products Group (USI-SPG).


Connector Systems : USI-CSG is a designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of environment proof underwater connectors, penetrators, hybrid fiber-optic connectors, junction boxes, pressure sensors, switches and cable assemblies.

Special Products : USI-SPG is a designer and manufacturer of various underwater systems ranging from hydroacoustical sensors to underwater vehicles. USI-SPG is also involved in the development of waterproofing kits for various electrical and electronic products.

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You may contact us by filling out the following form and submitting a brief message to USI. We will be sure to respond promptly.